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WiOO Switch

WiOO Switch

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Explore a new level of control and customization in home lighting with the WiOO Switch. This innovative device offers you the flexibility and advanced features needed to transform your home into a bright and welcoming space tailored to your needs.

The WiOO Switch allows you to control up to three loads using programmable digital triacs, giving you the ability to adjust the brightness or completely turn off the lights. With compatibility with most commercially available bulbs and a maximum capacity of 100 watts per output, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any moment.

Customize the appearance of your WiOO Switch by choosing the color of the buttons and with a fully adjustable LED halo via Mood. Whether you're looking for vibrant and lively lighting or a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere, the WiOO Switch adapts to your needs.

With an elegant finish available in white or black glass, the WiOO Switch effortlessly integrates into any home environment. Its compatibility with 3-gang recessed boxes ensures easy and discreet installation without compromising the aesthetics of your home.

The WiOO Switch allows you to expand your home automation system with ease. It can be paired with all versions of WiOO Master Switch: Apple Homekit (up to 11 per Master), Enterprise (up to 31 per Master), and Matter (up to 11 per Master), offering you a complete range of integration and control options.

Experience complete and personalized control of your home lighting with the WiOO Switch. Make your home brighter, more welcoming, and more adaptable than ever with this innovative and versatile solution.


Suitable for 110-230V systems, utilizes existing phase and neutral. Supports 300W (maximum 100W per output). Suitable for indoor use only.

Works in conjunction with any version of WiOO Master Switch, ensuring seamless light and device management.

Available in two versions, White and Black, with programmable touch buttons through the WiOO app or the WiOO WebApp (for the Enterprise version) and a customizable LED halo called Halo.

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