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WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise

WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise

WiDesign Team


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WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise is the ultimate solution for custom automation and control needs. Designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and complete control over your environments, WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise is the ideal choice for facilities looking to optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

With its capability to create wireless virtual circuits, WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise reduces installation costs by providing configurations tailored to the specific needs of your business. Additionally, the wide range of colors of the Halo-LED can be customized to create light signals triggered by sensors, but also allows the creation of Moods that complement the atmosphere of your operational environments.

One of the distinctive features of WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise is its ability to operate without the need for a Cloud connection. This means you can rely on reliable and secure local control without depending on external services. Furthermore, with the WiOO WebApp, accessible from any browser connected to the same Wi-Fi network, system configuration and management are more accessible than ever.

WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise offers unparalleled scalability, with the ability to coordinate up to 30 WiOO Switches and aggregate additional WiOO Master Switches to handle even the most complex and customized operations tailored to size and needs.

To use WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise, a Wi-Fi network is required without the need for an active internet connection.

Additionally, the WiDesign team is capable of developing tailored solutions for integrating different components and devices, ensuring that WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise perfectly fits specific needs.

Choose WiOO Master Switch - Enterprise and step into the future of automation and control. Optimize your operations, increase efficiency, and maximize savings.


Suitable for 110-230V systems, utilizes existing phase and neutral. Supports 300W (maximum 100W per output). Suitable for indoor use only.

Creates a Mesh network with all installed WiOO Switches (up to 31), managing them even if they are on multiple floors or far from the router.

A dedicated WiOO WebApp offers complete system management, allowing unparalleled customization.

Available in two versions, White and Black, with programmable touch buttons through the WiOO WebApp and a customizable LED halo called Halo.


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