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WiDesign SRL

Pupa X WiOO

Pupa X WiOO

SLIDE (Lorenza Bozzoli) X WiDesign Team

June 2024

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The result of collaboration between WiDesign and SLIDE, a well-known company worldwide for outdoor furniture, Pupa X WiOO is a table and floor lamp, made of polyethylene using rotational molding technology.

The texture reminiscent of ancient Japanese paper, a distinctive feature of the lamp designed by Lorenza Bozzoli for SLIDE, enriches the surface of Pupa X WiOO, creating soft and welcoming light effects.

Compared to the traditional collection, Pupa X WiOO is enhanced by the exclusive technology developed by WiDesign, which offers unlimited light control thanks to a sophisticated algorithm that manages the state of each individual LED, allowing for the recreation of gradients and animations with unique fluidity.

Furthermore, Pupa X WiOO operates both in stand-alone mode through the WiOO Lamp app and in conjunction with any version of WiOO Master Switch. Thanks to the "WiOO Inside" component, compatibility is guaranteed with Apple HomeKit and Google Home ecosystems to change the color and intensity of the light from a home switch or through the voice commands of Siri and Google Home.

Pupa X WiOO adapts to your needs by creating the perfect atmosphere for every moment, giving you vibrant and lively lighting or relaxing and tranquil lighting: whenever you want, however you want it.


Material: Light White Polyethylene
Finish: Japanese paper
Light Source: 60 individually indexable RGB LEDs
Operation: WiFi Control
Version: For indoor use
Dimensions: L 37 cm, H 59 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Maximum Consumption: 5v 4A 20W

Suitable for 110-230V systems. Suitable for indoor use only.

Works with WiFi control in stand-alone mode or in conjunction with any version of WiOO Master Switch.

• Wi-Fi network with internet connection
• WiOO Master Switch
• iPhone or iPad with the latest version of iOS or iPadOS. Smartphone with the latest version of Android
• Free WiOO app, available on the App Store or Google Play Store
• For remote control and automation management, requires a compatible home hub with the chosen platform (AppleTV, HomePod mini, Google Home, etc.)

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